We offer a full range of property services:

Sales, rentals, management, advice, home staging, yield maximisation and more.

A one-stop shop for all your property needs: Régie Châtel SA will help you achieve your goals.

Based in Châtel-St-Denis, in the canton of Fribourg, near the Vaud Riviera, you will find Régie Châtel SA at 26 Avenue de la Gare. With us, you will feel right at home.

A family firm that has grown but remained close to its clients, Régie Châtel SA and the team are here to help you find or manage your property – whether a villa, apartment, building, commercial premises, chalet or factory – and provide you with real estate and tenancy law advice.

Helping you achieve your goals with our designs in the Fribourg and Vaud region since 1979.

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Comic strips are the 9th art; the 10th art is the art of living, our speciality.